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DS-01 AP

Denise Schindler Advanced Prosthetic Project



Project Start: May 2015
Project Completion: August 2016

At the London 2012 olympics, Denise Schindler was unable to compete at peak performance due to an error made with the creation of her racing prosthetic. This put her at a huge competitive disadvantage, and reflects how the prosthetic industry operates: slowly, laboriously, and primarily analogue.

research, develop, document and produce a new method for the creation of prosthetic limbs, deliver a primarily or exclusively digital design and manufacturing process for the creation of prosthetics, that compliments the skill set of a prosthetist

Over the course of 18 months working with Denise, and her prosthetists, we created a fully digital process for the design, engineering, and fabrication of prosthetics. Reducing the lead from for a patient from 6 weeks, to 48 hours.

Significant research was also done into the types of material which a prosthetic should be made from, concluding that polycarbonate is the best available option today, in lieu of Carbon Fibre.



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